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Collaborate with cookies!
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Mixed Variety
Meeting Cookie Tray

Give your team a treat. Kick off the collaborating with some delicious cookie goodness. A mix of our six signature flavours of big, chunky cookies come with each box. Enjoy the best cookies in Sydney at your next meeting!

•  24 pieces (serves 12-15 people) $96 + shipping

•  36 pieces (serves 16-25 people) $135 + shipping

•  42 pieces (serves 26-32 people) $155 + shipping

•  48 pieces (serves 33-40 people) $175 + shipping

•  60 pieces (serves 40-50 people) $220 + shipping

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*We can accommodate customised orders. Just give us a call or send an email, and we’ll happily work with you.
Please specify the meeting time so that we can ensure a timely delivery.

Corporate Cookie Gift Boxes

Butter up your business partners!
Send stakeholders a delicious thank-you box to remind them that they are a key ingredient to your success.

Personalise the card with your company logo. Just send us a .jpeg or .png file. A $20 fee applies. Please email the file to: [email protected].

Deliveries are made between 12 and 4 pm two days after orders are placed. Card is included.
Sending a festive cookie box or bag is a great way to thank stakeholders and let them know they are a key ingredient to your success.
*We can personalise the card with your company logo or a specific image/message if you supply us with a .png or .jpeg file. A $20 fee applies. Please email it to us: [email protected].

Versatile Variety
Box of Cookies

A mixture of our six signature cookies.

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Your Call
Box of Cookies

Select your cookie flavours.

gift cookies

Individual Cookie Bags

Send employees home with some cookie cheer!

Perfect for your employees, class or team. These single cookie bags are the ultimate sweet treat. Gift bags include a giant cookie surrounded by M&Ms.

Minimum order amount: 15

$7 per item + shipping (one fee for the entire order)

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Sydney Cookie Delivery
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Keep in plastic wrap, air-tight container or vacuum sealed at room temperature for up to a week. They can be kept frozen for up to a month. Defrost for at least two hours. Bake wrapped in foil for about ten minutes at 180°C. 

Please do not refrigerate the cookies, as this dries them out.
The cookies can always be quickly heated in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to make them extra warm and gooey!
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